Clipston Weather Reports

Clipston Weather Reports

 Welcome to our quarterly weather reports from from Clipston's very own weather recorder Peter Wilford.


 August 2017

There were only twelve totally dry days in August, although there was less than 0.5 mm of rain on each of another eight days.   In contrast, Tuesday the 8th was a cold and very wet day – and night – with nearly 22 mm of rain in the 24 hours.    This accounted for over 30% of the month’s total of 68.8 mm which was only a little above the average for the month.

Daytime temperatures were well below average, despite a few warm days towards the end of the month, but night temperatures were about normal for August.  

 September 2017

A wet month with only six totally dry days, although slight rain came at night on a few other days.  The total for the month was 93.7 mm which is over 50 % above my average for September.    Although Sunday the 24th was a sunny day, heavy rainfall at night amounted to a quarter of the month’s total.

Again, daytime temperatures were disappointingly low – there was only one day above 20ºC - although there was some sunshine on all days but one.   The night temperatures were however, about average.

 October 2017

In contrast to the previous month, October had a very low rainfall although there were many days, especially in the first three weeks, with small amounts of rain.   The total amounted to only 19.3 mm which is about a quarter of my average for October.  The last week was dry, except for extremely small amounts of rain on the last two days.

Average temperatures were a little above normal with a warm spell in the second week when the thermometer reached 20ºC on Monday the 16th.  On this day we experienced an unusual orange red hazy sun, followed by a dark period, caused by Sahara dust, and debris from the wild fires in Spain and Portugal, being blown over the UK by strong winds in the south west.

Peter Wilford

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