Clipston Covid Memory Quilt

Wind hampers the design!
Wind hampers the design!

Clipston Covid Memory Quilts

Well, it’s finished! 65 squares from 52 households and we think it looks truly amazing.  Full of creativity, fun and meaning.  Lots of dog walkers, rainbows and beautiful countryside but each square truly unique and interesting.  A truly remarkable memory of the past year that we will enjoy and reflect on for many years to come.  It was quite some challenge putting together the squares, especially on a windy April 12th outside the Orbell room.   This was the first time that Ruth, Rosemary, Linda and Christina actually got together and saw all the wonderful contributions.  
The idea for a quilt to share our memories about COVID was hatched in early December as we entered out second lockdown and quickly ignited the enthusiasm of many people in Clipston.  It seemed such an important way to come together in a community activity at a time when we were forced, by lockdown, to be so separated.  We longed to be sharing with one another and being part of the village that we love.

Quilts have a long tradition as a communal activity and have often been used to express feelings and memories.  We have greatly enjoyed the privilege of  co-ordinating this project and creating the amazing quilt from the beautiful, diverse and thought-provoking squares that people have contributed.  We have felt the love shining through the images and been moved by the meanings behind them  We have developed an album of these which is in the Orbell room  and in a slide show below.  These together  are an important visual and oral history of a tumultuous year.

We hope that this quite magical project which has grown from a small acorn of an idea, will continue to grow and strengthen the wonderful community that is Clipston.  The spirit of generosity and kindness is so strong and underpinned by great humour and gratitude for all we have in our lovely village.  Together we have definitely achieved far more than we had anticipated.  Thank you to everyone that has been involved.

The wonderful finished quilts.


BBC East Midlands Today 'Make a Difference' report.

BBC East Midlands Today 'Make a Difference' 29th April 2021 interviewed Christina Faull
on the background to the 'Clipston Covid Memory Quilt' and its importance to the village.



 Clipston Covid Memory Quilt 2021 - Book 

The following presentation shows the pages from the 'Clipston Covid Memory Book'.
Each page shows a quilt square that was included in the quilts, some with the thoughts and inspirations for the creators square.



 For more information/instructions contact Christina, email:

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