Coronavirus: Helping Your Clipston Neighbours

News : Coronavirus: Helping Your Clipston Neighbours

Coronavirus: Helping Your Clipston Neighbours

As the concerns about coronavirus escalate, there has been lots of discussion about helping people in Clipston who may be self-isolating or may need to in the future. We all need to be very aware of who our neighbours are and try to make contact with them if we think they might be alone or needing support.

If you are fit, healthy and not self-isolating
Please think about who lives near to you and identify anyone who may be vulnerable (those who live alone and those over 70). Use the forms below to make contact with them as soon as possible, to offer help in whatever way you can. Even if they don’t need help right now, it will be very reassuring for them to know they have someone they can turn to in the future. If we all help those who live closest to us, we can cover everyone. (If you want more forms, the template Click Here >>>

If you are self-isolating and need help
Please contact any of the people below who can then help you to get support from someone close by. Lots of people have already talked about wanting to help others, so this is a way of connecting people who need help with those who are able to give it.
Faye Tan (Church Lane) 07725 427311
Liz Davies (Chapel Lane) 07525 640477
Christina Faull (Pegs Lane) 07714 470452
Reverend Miranda Hayes 01858 525342

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