Clipston Recreation Ground - 100 Club

 The playing fields and facilities, including the pitches, pavilion, tennis courts and playground are a valuable village asset for ourselves and our children.  You may not be aware that there is no automatic funding to help maintain and manage this resource.

The central area of the image below shows the Clipston recreation ground,
approx. 6.5 acres (2.6 hectare)

To maintain or improve these facilities. The “100 Club” is a lottery with a £100 monthly cash prize and additional discretionary prizes to help raise much needed funds and have fun in the process!

The draw is held monthly, and winners are posted on this website and on the pub and village notice board.

Please join!  Call, text or email Nikki Bugla for more details on:

07856 775770 /

 Download the Standing Order form to get full details:  'Click here for standing order form and details'.

100 Club Prize Winners - 2020

  1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Jan Iain Hendry Adams  Simon Catterall   Julian Rogers
Feb Val Carpenter Tim Millward 

Alison Turney/Charlie Shaw 

Mar Stephen Woodgate Peter Goodchild  John Oldershaw 
April Beccy Tomkins Ray Bolton Liz Davis
May Rose Anderson Heather Weston Andrew Wallis

100 Club Prize Winners - 2019

  1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Jan Sue Balderson Sue Balderson Janet Alderson-Smith
Feb Rose Anderson Dave Bates Sue & Alan Marshall
Mar Jim Tyson Michelle Cockburn Carl Sommer
April Charlie Gowling Christina Faul Hannah Eveleigh
May Paul Barber Steve Carpenter Iain Hendry Adams
June Dave Wilford Dan Halls Mark Ginns
July Andrew Wallis   Dan Halls  Alan Skinner
Aug  Peter Hartley  Jean Wilford  Stephen Woodgate
Sept  Carl Sommer  Tim Chambers Heather Weston 
Oct  Dave Bates Rose Anderson  Jasmine Membhard-Francis 
Nov  Carl Sommer  Tim Chambers Heather Weston 

100 Club Prize Winners - 2018

  1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Jan Paul Barber Mike Fowler Jasmine Membhard-Francis
Feb Jan Kennerdell Peter Goodchild Andrew Wallis
Mar Angela Fellows  Eunice Clarke  Catherine Northover 
April Jean Wilford   Dave Bates Janet Alderson-Smith 
May Simon Catterall  Mark Ginns  Abi Pratt 
June Peter Goodchild  Julie Bott  F Troop 
July Abi Pratt  Paul Barber  Peter Warren 
Aug  Tim Mayer Chris Spokes  Sue & Alan Marshall 
Sept  Dave Bates  Charlie Gowling Mike Parrott 
Oct Peter & Jo Butler  Ray Bolton  Tom East 
Nov  Val Carpenter  Sue & Alan Marshall  Peter Goodchild
Dec  Faye Tan Rose Westaway  Simon Catterall 

 100 Club Prize Winners - 2017

  1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Jan Shaun Beasley    
Feb Faye Tan    
March Alison Smedley    
April Tim Milward Catherine Northover John Oldershaw
May Colin & Claire Kunz Nikki Bugla Peter and Jo Butler
Jun Grace Burnham Rob Leveritt Andrew Morris
July Sue Ashton Tim Chambers Martin Clarke
Aug Andrew Wallis L Parish Charlie Maine
Sept L Parish Stephen Woodgate Michelle Cockburn
Oct Shaun Beasley Nikki Bugla Alison Smedley
Nov Andrew Wallis Gill Burbidge Rosemary Tyson
Dec Sue Balderson David Wilford Julian Rogers
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